City Council being held the testicles to the City

City Council being held the testicles to the City Council Sakuragi who is? These things are most important issues to be exposed! ! Rep. reform! Asked the City Council to Sakuragi then asked me general questions of the City Council began just sugar. City Council and requested two times in the same place requests for improvement of your driveway in the general question of yesterday Who is? He did not say that word to the left or right. Sure is not good way. The usual way that would let us hold the opponent's weakness. Name will let you know that I hid. City Council is at the bottom line is that he would no longer be silent in the City Council showdown Sakuragi and it becomes like this. Sakuragi well-informed City Council will have it in all aspects of such information. The court scene of the bottom line is why did not appear in court, "Mr. Sakuragi scary people" was a word of the original City Council also incited accusations Sakuragi to me. Such a thing would be nice if all clearly. He lent it comes to it's weakness from a backroom deal. City Council shall not be received at face value that the answer of the government. What are you doing deception. Would end with a question or if there is unfocused is trying to clarify what their own. He should say to yourself that would like to clarify a point like this in this question. Midaseru be a compromise somewhere. . . Standing question in the ambiguous and attitude, etc. is useless. What to do in the Congress for his establishing who they are. Question is ambiguous because there have lost sight. Mr. Sakuragi was initially answer the question of whether he and Ikeda who was taking out the requirements of improved driveway in the same place twice is Ikeda. Sakuragi's own end and ran away if you are not still convinced. This question is did you hear on the phone last night Mr. Sakuragi, heard in the floor go out morning so I thought I heard properly on the floor better than the telephone. Ikeda is also stored in the driveway request for improvement. Hope for better drainage of private land that the owner of the deserted house of who was in the driveway of the hill. And I asked. Were surprised person in charge and do they come to say such a thing Ikeda lawmakers at that time. This has now become clean in the improvement of the owner rather than the use of city tax. Because it was useless but Kakea~tsu yourself to the owner and has been the failure of traffic a block of sidewalk road Totoya of Hachiman-cho, the owner makes it easy as shaving the block as soon as you ask the person in charge of the city was. Also caught in a bad place their own construction of the drainage of the previous prefectural credit union west. That it is not behind closed doors to ask them to clear such that there was also demand from the construction committee also Ikeda Nozaki was good mayor. Were addressed in the capital because of capital originally bad check. Has been committed to the tax burden even those without a goodbye can remember about that demand. Cul-de-sac, such as repair should probably be carrying Mokko City Council and its citizens to demand lawmakers driveway. If the road passes through but should be a priority in the driveway and maintenance, road pass is basically a public road should be certified. Driveway should be clearly stated that the cul-de-sac will get better at his own expense of the owner. If this city is doomed and is still being done to make a loan, such as weaknesses and that lawmakers do If I had been to obscure from the condition. Sinking of Japan 's what it when you hear the City Council was held Bakkari balls.






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