HANNYASINGYOU Pajna-para-mita sutra. I 'm praying

October 06, 2012
The making date and time: 2012/10/06 09:30
Hi! How are you?

harryikedaharuo just does a pilgrimage every day.
The one's own red seal book which purchased HANNYASINGYOU Pajna-para-mita sutra in 100 yen shop since I copied a sutra.
I walk 33 places of Musashino Kannon hallowed ground.
When I write the texts of dedication.
When I 'm copying the stura, I 'm praying only for Heisei revolution.

It was 12 years in the municipal assembly which continued fighting against a useless public works project.
The downtown is filled with thought at that time now when I walk the city.
In the KUROMEGAWAriver rainwater main line, it is able to go a large truck. They are flexible 100 millimeters that is huge so as to be able to run in the inside
It was too big tunnel.
However, when the Kuromegawa River reach to new Koganei Highway Motomura school which flowed was 30 millimeters of correspondence precipitation
I think. Therefore quantity of water the big tunnels fill the inside narrowly again, and to flow through the Kuromegawa river.
We must reduce. Because I cannot drain it into the river with the size But. . .
The earth and sand collect, and, in the present the Kuromegawa river, they had thick trees grow thick. When deepen the bottom of a river; 50 millimeters
Story that I seem to be able to cope with precipitation, but make 30 millimeters because the down stream is not equivalent
The KuromegawaRiver which I had forest on can be equivalent to precipitation of 30 millimeters
There may not be it.
How will the municipal assembly take this tax loss errand?
I want you to demand that you clarify future correspondence, the present conditions of the river management by a plan for Tokyo in the year.
It is 300 months with a current amount of money I look back on this body which I do not yet get, and to feel the pension
which I pay X15000yen, and includes a payment for approximately 4,500,000 yen in the nation
A pension pay-out of monthly basis 40,000 yen.
The system that I increase a little if I become 65 years old will be abnormal.
Even the system puts off supply time more, and it is said that I raise collection amounts of money.
Originally a messenger is free, and the financial funds of the pension which the nation paid squander money and are paid a pension of the time
When I turn the pension which an active generation paying a pension for the era paid by precarious day-to-day management
Of the bureaucrat of the Ministry of Health and Welfare which thought about a pension method to go flat even if anyone thought in the times of the aging to say
It seems to be elderly person with a burden for a youth generation without anyone being pursued as for the crime
Most of nations are coaxed for the advertising of the thief bureaucrat of the nation.
Without the Democratic Party government should have done revolution, but a tooth rising in the rule mechanism bureaucracy of time
Politician-likes are for the high-ranking official who is a rule layer by an excuse using
I am considered to be it.
It is prayer now to have Harryikedaharuo.
Politician-like which is a rotten rule bureaucrat and the tool who can do only self-self-protection
It is to let NIPPON loose. The prayer is power. Speculation is filled up inward.
It is a good opportunity to expand prayer and power to build up the free world on each.
As much as it is the tattered government, the power of the prayer of people will be filled up.

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