Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 今この歌を歌う人はいない

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 1950 by E.McCURDY

Last (C)night I had the strangest dream I (F)ever dreamed be(C)fore I (G)dreamed the world had (C)all agreed to (G7)put an end to (C)war. I (F)dreamed I saw a (C)mighty room, the (G)room was filled with (C)men. And the (F)paper they were (C)signing (Em)said they'd (F)never(G7)fight (C)again. And (C)when the papers all were signed and a (F)million (G7)copies (C)made
They (G)all joined hands and (C)bowed their (Am)heads and (F)greatful (G7)prayers were(C)prayed
And the (F)people in the (C)streets below were (F)dancing (G7)round and (C)round And (F)Guns and swords and (C)uni(Em)forms were (F)scattered (G7)on the (C)ground. Last (C)night I had the strangest dream I (F)ever dreamed be(C)fore I (G)dreamed the world had (C)all agreed to (G7)put an end to (C)war.
昨日(C)夢ー見たことは (F)かつーてない(C)夢 世(G)界の指導者が戦(C)争をやめることに(G7)合意した(C)yume その(F)合意書は100(C)万枚作られ(G)指導者たちは手を握り偉大な約束を(C)した。人(F)々は喜ん(C)で踊りあった。(Em)戦争は永(F)遠に(G7)終わっ(C)たと? (F)銃もつるぎも(C)軍服(Em)も道(F)に(G7)投げ捨てられ(C)た。

残念なことに 人類の中には悪魔のような人も少なからず存在している。善意の人々が全ての武器を放棄したとき。悪魔はその弱みを利用するだろう。悪魔を封じ込めるためには善意にもその備えが必要です。備えがなければ善意の人々は悪魔の奴隷になるだろう。悪魔の占領に対する備えがあれば平和は守られる。悪魔の侵略に対する備えを破壊する悪魔。その甘言こそ憲法9条の武装放棄です。悪魔の陰謀に騙されたとき善意の人々は消滅させられる。善意ある日本人の多くは、憲法9条を守れという悪魔の甘言に騙され続けてきました。そのために戦後日本は悪魔に解体される危機に瀕しているのです。

Are all people a goodness like God? If so, this dream will come true. However
Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the human race who are like demons. When good faith people abandon all weapons. The devil will use that weakness. In order to contain the devil, for keeping good will well preparedness is necessary . If it is not equipped people of good intentions will become devil slaves. People will not be protected if there is no counterforce the occupation of the devil. inside Devil that destroys the preparation for the invasion by the devil. That sweetest word is the keeping of Article 9 of the Constitution. People of good intentions are extinguished when deceived by the devil's conspiracy. Many Japanese people with good intentions have been deceived by the devil's theirside.
theirside mean Rikken Minsyu.
the keeping of Article 9 can be keeping peace Japan.That is lie. For that reason postwar Japan is on the verge of being demolished.
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